The Paper Factory from Busteni is amongst the first ever established in Romania. It’s foundation started in the year 1882, by the Schiel brothers, being founded under the name of „Carl & Samuel Schiel”.

On the date of 11 June 1948 it was nationalized, and during the year 1990 it became a share-based commercial society. As a result of privatization in the year 2000  S.C OMNIMPEX HÂRTIA S.A. was formed, a society with a private and integral capital .

Benefiting from a technical endowment appropriate to the profile’s activity, respectively 8 paper-manufacturing cars with a technological capacity of almost  70.000 tons / year, highly qualified workforce, the factory produced and sold in the country and abroad a wide variety of printing paper, wrapping paper, technical support papers, paperboard, crepe paper, paper models, filtered elements for diesel.

As a result of the economical and social evolutions, core business of producing paper and paperboard has been shut down in October 2005, and the secondary activities such as producing and supplying of electricity using regenerating energy resources are starting to develop. Thus, starting with the year 2008 the society gathered investments resulting with the purchase of two small hydro power plants, MHC Buşteni 1 that started functioning on the date of 30.05.2009 and MHC Buşteni 2 which started on 16.12.2010.

As of May 2012 the society’s name changed from S.C. OMNIMPEX HÂRTIA S.A. to S.C. HIDRO JEPI S.A.